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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Protect Your Investment With X Vision Parking Sensors

Fed Up of Reversing into the Garage, Lamppost or the vehicle Behind.

Burns Garages LD have the solution. X Vision Parking Sensors.

How DO they work?
As soon as you select the reverse gear the Park Distance Control is automatically switched on. If there are no objects within the sensing range, there will be no audible sound. Once an object comes into the range of 1.67 metres you will hear an intermittent beep. As you continue to reverse, the beeping sound increases in frequency until you are 30cm away from the object. At this point the beeping sound becomes a constant tone, leaving you in no doubt that you have reached the minimum distance before making contact with the obstruction.

Sensors are colour coded to blend in with your vehicle.

Angled sensors available for vehicles with bumpers that are not vertical.

Rubber Sensors for vehicles with metal bumpers ( Such as Ranger )

Please Contact Darren or Larry on 01260 273553 for a Quote.

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